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Shattering Divorce Attorney Stereotypes

Lawyers tend to give themselves a bad reputation: outdated, facts over heart, and even a little standoffish. We work with plenty of them to know where the stereotypes come from–but we’re not all like that.

At KP Law Center, part of our core is breaking down the misconceptions of family law. No matter how many cases we handle, we never forget what it feels like to stand in your shoes. Entering into divorce is disorienting and overwhelming. It’s as much an emotional struggle as it is legal. Along the way to achieving your goals, we make it a priority to keep you informed and educated. We make decisions together and ensure you understand the effects of every one.

We also understand how stressful divorce can be and do our best to simplify the process. When in-person meetings need to happen, we don’t dictate a visit to our office; we arrange a location that’s most convenient for you. We provide secure, online access to all of your case documents/correspondence. And, we make ourselves available to answer all of your legal questions. We want you to feel confident and centered, every step of the way.

Accurate Family Law Information for All of North Carolina.

Representing Clients in the Raleigh Metro Area

As our website continues to evolve, we'll be adding accurate and up-to-date legal information and articles that apply to family law and divorce matters in all of North Carolina. We currently accept clients for representation in the Wake, Orange, and Durham counties Contact us to schedule a consultation.

Meet Your Divorce Attorney

Kathleen Putiri

It doesn’t take more than a phone call to learn that this Asheville native is a tenacious, straight-talking lawyer who won’t back down from your fight.

Kathleen has an uncanny ability to meld unembellished honesty with compassion. You will always know what to expect on the road ahead–and no matter the challenge–you’ll feel confident knowing Kathleen is on your team.

After graduating from Campbell University Law School, Kathleen worked alongside some of the most respected family law attorneys in the Triangle. Absorbing her colleagues’ tenured wisdom and meshing it with her own style, Kathleen has helped clients find hope–even when they had given up on themselves–and led them through their divorce to a stronger future.

Bringing her knowledge from hundreds of successful cases and a desire to improve the family law field, Kathleen Putiri formed KP Law Center. Now, leading her own firm, Kathleen represents clients just like you with unhindered spirit.

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